Comments & Praise

We get letters, emails and phone calls from people all over the world, telling us how much they appreciate the work that Rivers Of The World does and we thought we should share some of the comments we’ve gotten from you!

General Comments

I listen to KLOVE radio in Conway, Arkansas every day. I heard about ROW on KLOVE and visited your website today. I wanted you guys to know that your courage and boldness to go out into the world and show the face of Christ to the lost and hungry touches my heart so deeply, I know the trust and commitment you must have in Jesus to do this. I am so excited that the Good News is being spread, not by words alone, but by the kind and SINCERE acts of God’s children!!!! Actions always speak louder than words, and you guys are definitely displaying the actions of JESUS!!!! Through the persecution and trials I know you all must face, not to mention the spiritual battles, my prayers will be that more souls may be saved in the Name of Jesus EVERY DAY!!!! May the Mighty Hand of our Lord and Savior and His mighty host of angels always cover and lead you!!!!! With all my prayers,

Conway, Arkansas

I cannot thank you enough for your very inspiring visit! Just to give you an idea of what you have started, I have already been approached from three different groups within our church, each wanting to arrange a mission trip for next summer! You have truly lit a fire within our congregation as well as surrounding congregations.
God bless you for that!

We continue to be so very impressed with all that ROW does and with your leadership. Our people always are grateful to you for bringing us updates.

Thanks for the continued work you’re doing for the Kingdom and we, the Church, are grateful for and proud of you!
Continued success in Christ.

You are encouraging to those of us who listen to KLOVE and hear parts of what you do and accomplish all over the world!

Mission Trips: 

The trip was indescribable and makes us appreciate all that we have.

M. McClung, Virginia

I hope we get the chance to do more to support ROW as ROW has fostered our love for service and adventure.

College student in Virginia

We had an incredible mission trip last week! The ship’s crew, translators, villages and the people–all such a blessing to work with. We are talking and praying about scheduling a trip for June 2010. We would love to go on the Negro River again–or wherever we are needed for a medical/VBS/work trip.

Thanks so much. We praise God for ROW and the Presbyterian Church in Manaus–for making a work trip like this possible.

We had a great mission trip and our youth got to experience and see lots. Pastor Pedro and Michael were wonderful hosts and took good care of us! We went to a beautiful beach on Friday and had lots of fun before returning on Saturday morning.

Thanks again for your help!
Take care!

ROW Radio:

Thank You for your devotional radio spots. One of them “Draw From His Strength” with the comment from the young man, “My God gives me endless strength,” is one I told my 17yr old son about. When we were roofing my sister’s house this summer and our strength was gone, we would encourage each other with the phrase, “God gives us endless strength” to remind us when we are weak and can’t go any farther, to call on the name of the Lord. Thank you and God Bless!

I listen to K-love all the time it is my only radio station and when I hear you on the air, and listen to what an impact you are making on so many peoples lives I get so encouraged to do things right here in my own town. You are such a blessing to me and I just want to say thank you and keep up the good work. I will be praying for you. God Bless

I just wanted you to know that I love listening to you on KLOVE. Whenever we hear the telltale “music” indicating ROW is about to come on, everyone is silenced immediately. My kids know I really want to hear what you have to say, and they get a huge kick out of it. Thank you so much Ben. My family will be directing our tithe this month to ROW. I hope it helps bring bibles to people or just helps you in your work for the Lord. You don’t need to respond; I just wanted you to know we’re listening. :) Keep it up!

Sherwood, OR

I wanted to write because I’ve been just so impressed with the ROW radio spots I hear on 90.1 WMBI in the Chicago suburbs. I usually hear about ROW while driving to or from work. Your info spots and fresh, startling, and tastefully done. They are some of the best info spots I have heard in a long time, and make me so excited for the ministry you are doing. Keep up the good work as you continue to serve Him.

Warrenville, IL 

I heard your program this morning while driving to work. I listen to KLOVE in the Quad Cities. I live in Davenport, Iowa and work in Illinois, so I cross the Mississippi River at least 2X every day. I was moved by your request; it made sense. I will do my best to pray for your ministry every time I cross the river.

Davenport, IA


I recently heard an ROW story on KLOVE regarding the MegaVoice program. What a great way to spread His Word!

Chicago, IL

I was just listening to KLOVE and they were talking about your great ministry. I looked up your website and am so impressed by the MegaVoice Bibles. These are wonderful! They would be so helpful for those unable to read, lacking Christian radio, batteries, or other means to hear the Gospel.

…a missionary nurse in rural Haiti

ROW & Ben Mathes:

Thanks so much for inspiring our students at SFMS as one of our Career Guest Speakers. Your talk involved so many different career paths, but your main message was clear: Be happy, be courageous, develop empathy for others less fortunate, never take NO for an answer to something you feel is important, see the glass as half-full, and do the right thing. It was quite a day!

Best wishes for continued success in making the world a better place.

Rosemarie P.
8th Grade Counselor

I just want to say how inspirational today you were. You spoke at my school, and it really changed me. I have always know about all these problems in the world, but I had forgotten about them in my happy, perfect life. When you said that you were doing this because you believe God has a purpose for you and this was it, it really affected me. All day I kept thinking about it and I really want to help, but I don’t know what! You see I’m really shy and I’m to afraid to speak up and start something at my school, but I really want to. Also I just want to say that when you said you were the richest man in the world because you had a full heart, it hit me so hard that I need to do something in my life and not waste away my child hood spending my parents money when I could be saving other people’s lives.

P.S. I also want you to know that you made me realize God is there for everyone in the world and that I should be more faithful to him.

Atlanta, GA

Many thanks for the visiting our church and sharing the Gospel so effectively. You were outstanding as always as there were many complements passed on to me. Your gifts are great motivators for the congregation.

Atlanta, GA 

I am indeed grateful for ROW and I want you to know that I am praying for you everyday. You carry a big load on your shoulders but you have a great big God to watch over you…

Eden, NC

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to hear at the Rotary Club a Presbyterian minister Rev. Ben Mathes, serving on the mission field, in an amazing capacity. He is by far the most fascinating speaker and devoted, personable individual that I have ever seen or met. I thought you guys might like to peruse his website Some of it is amazing and all is excellent reading. ….the Lord is using him as the president of a world wide ministry he founded himself. He goes into the jungles, poverty stricken and starving areas, ravaged and uncivilized areas of the world, floating the rivers to preach Christ’s Gospel, and he works closely with his medical division to be used by God in physical as well as spiritual healing. An example of the latter is that the Rotary folks profess to have furnished him enough polio vaccine to rid the whole continent of Africa of this dread disease, and he has done a great job with this. But not to bore you, he has untold numbers of interesting stories of this nature which are truly fascinating. One more thing that just entered my mind, and then I’ll shut up, is his recent stay in Iraq. His son, a career Marine Lieutenant is stationed there and pulled some strings to get Ben over there. Ben spent several weeks with his son, patrolling the Iraq/Syrian border and preaching Christ to our troops in a dangerous combat situation. He can’t say enough nice things about our soldiers and what a good job they are doing, We are blessed to have men like this on the mission field representing our Lord. I thought you all might like to look at his web site. You can understand why the Ministry is called “The Rivers of the World”. He has about 20 or so brief individual paragraphs or devotionals on his website which are incredibly interesting. I have only had time to at random read three of these and they are great…..#7, #11, and #18. In addition Ben is on local radio a couple of times a day. Web site is

Memphis, TN

Your ministry obviously is being blessed many times over.

Clayton County, GA