Aldi Leads Sewing Team In Belize

We arrived in Belize Saturday July 7th and have already had to endure toting about 20 large luggage pieces through the airports, a landslide, change in village, and chocolate overload, which is a lot for just 5 women!!!

However, we’ve successfully finished our first real day at work, teaching the councilwomen of the Toledo Mayan Womens Council in Punta Gorda sewing techniques using patterns and other notions. As you can assume by the large amount of luggage for 5 people, we were blessed with an incredible amount of donated materials!

Each women has picked out a pattern and has been hard at work piecing it together. The rainy season has brought some powerful thunderstorms and uncertain conditions throughout the day but we are all in great spirits and I am blessed to work with this great group of women! Will share pictures and video on return!

There’s so much more work to do here and the Mayan women already have plans to continue teaching in more and more villages, so please donate!

God Bless!


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