Belize Trip Report – July, 2012

July proved an interesting trip for the volunteers carrying out the sewing ministry in Belize! A landslide kept us from reaching Rio Blanco, our destination village, but that did not keep these women from doing what they came to do! Instead of teaching the Mayan women in Rio Blanco, we taught the very councilwomen of the Toledo Mayan Women’s Council right there in Punta Gorda! A couple of these women we taught on the previous trip in January, so it truly was a continuation of learning for them!

This week the Mayan women were more energetic and talkative than I’ve ever seen them before! Perhaps it was my new smaller video camera that made filming less intimidating? Perhaps it was mountains of patterns, fabric and materials that we brought down with us? We might never know! Even with the ability to take home the donated materials for themselves, these gracious and giving councilwomen decided the mountains of donations must be distributed to the outskirt villages, like Rio Blanco, so that every woman attending a sewing class will have materials to work with. When I say “mountains” of donations, I mean 1,000 lbs worth of fabric, patterns, buttons, zippers, needles & thread, elastic, scissors and many other things that I will not continue to list!

On top of this already exciting week, we were able to donate a small hills worth of school supplies to the younger kids in Big Falls village. A wonderful cherry on top of this non-stop week!

Thank you to the volunteers who made this trip so incredible; Pam, Peggy, Debbie and Rebekah!!


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