Lauderdale UMC Gives The Gift Of Light

Ben Mathes, Gary Howse & James Randall

In November, Lauderdale United Methodist Church (LUMC) enjoyed a visit from Ben Mathes and during Ben’s time with LUMC, members of the church unveiled their goal to raise money to purchase solar powered light bulbs and to help spread Light to the world through Rivers Of The World.

LUMC Pastor Gary Howse and church member James Randall constructed and painted a Christmas tree and then added 100 unlit Christmas tree lights. The tree was unveiled when Ben arrived and the first 25 lights were lit. Each light on the tree represented one solar light and was not lit until someone donated enough to purchase one solar light bulb for ROW.

On Sunday, December 18, 2011, the final lights were lit and the Christmas Tree was seen for the first time fully decorated with light!

In just under two months, Lauderdale United Methodist Church raised enough money to purchase 288 solar powered light bulbs for ROW to distribute around the globe!

According to Ben Mathes, the solar lights will be used to meet some immediate needs in the Dominican Republic, the Congo and other key places around the globe, but more solar lights are needed.

With just a little bit of creativity and a little bit of work, your church or group can help expand this ministry and shine light in the darkest corners of people’s lives. If you prefer to donate directly to this effort, click here.

Thanks to the hard work of Pastor Gary Howse, James Randall and all the members of Lauderdale United Methodist Church in Lauderdale Mississippi, many families will receive the gift of Light in the coming year!

The Gift Of Light



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