The ROW Prayer

One of our Trustees wrote the following ROW Prayer. I want every team that ever goes anywhere for ROW to pray this prayer!

It is Powerful and Beautiful.


Almighty God of heaven and earth, we have answered your call to ministry in far-away places and in doing so we have opened our hearts to your people, to their hopes and often to their pain.  We have shared their lands and customs, their meals, their homes, and their hospitality.  We have listened to their dreams even as we held their children.  They ask for so little and we have so much.  Help us to see; make us to care; conquer our indifference, for their humanity and ours is of the same creation.  Jesus Christ, hope of the world, give us compassion to care for others as for our own.  Allow us to truly believe that we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper.  Through your Spirit touch our hearts with fire and give us such splendid love for your people that, sharing their lives, we may feel our own made richer and more faithful.  Finally, give us strength to do the work, for they are far away and much is required.  And when the day is done and the fever of life is over may we know that we have done what was ours to do, and that we have made a difference on the Rivers of the World. In the Strong Name of Jesus,  Amen.

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